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If you had to guess, name three things that a person would carry inside these bags.

our products become friends for life; our customers put their lives in our bags. Every life is different, just like each person is different, so our bags adapt to their owners. It’s all about uniqueness. Our clients are independent in their choices, so it’s hard to come up with three things that a humite person would carry inside these bags.

What kind of message do you think your products send out when people carry them?

Uniqueness, sophistication, and quality. Our quality leather bag designs are unique, they don’t follow trends, but have their own style. Sophistication is in the details. With time, as the bag gets used, that’s when our customers really notice the quality. We make bags that are designed to last a lifetime, to improve over time and become an everlasting “friend”.

How do you think your brand and your products reflect Top leather bag providers Kerala

contemporary companies with great potential to offer high-quality products to highly demanding customers who value quality and want unique products, regardless of the brand. People with personality, who make independent choices and who are not interested in passing trends. humite leather products share the same values: uniqueness, sophistication, and quality.

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OK, so maybe it’s not all about leather, but the type of leather used is pretty damn important. If so, then shop for bags made of full grain leather.

Why full grain leather? For starters, full grain leather bags look better as they age – if only humans could be so lucky – because they develop an attractive patina, which is a weathered, shiny look that’s classy.

Avoid bonded leather bags, because they’re typically made from scraps of leather formed into a second-rate version of leather through the use of chemicals and plastics. Bonded leather bags don’t age as well as full grain leather bags or have that distinct leather smell that many people love.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a bag that’s advertised as “authentic” leather when, in fact, it’s not. Yes, those bags are available at a lower price, but they aren’t a great value for the money. we humite leather Bags Top leather bag providers Kerala have the best and 100% genuine leather handcrafted bags

Something else to consider is the type of leather

  • Cowhide leather is of the highest quality and considered the best option when buying a bag or purse. It also has a luxurious look and feels.
  • Lambskin leather has a softer texture that appeals to many men. Bags made of lambskin leather tend to be less durable and more easily damaged than other types of leather, however.
  • Patch leather consists of multiple pieces of cowhide and lambskin leather. It’s an affordable type of leather that has similar durability to a bag made of cowhide.
  • Faux leather OK, we’ve already discussed the virtues of full-grain leather and why, if possible, you should purchase a full-grain leather bag. Faux leather, meanwhile, is artificial leather – the antithesis of full-grain leather – but the best faux leather bags make it hard to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. If you’re opposed to the use of animal products but like the look and feel of leather, then faux leather is a viable option.

Humite leather bags never promote artificial leather products. we believe in quality and customer satisfaction it means our products contain  100% genuine leather. That’s why we are known as  Top leather bag providers Kerala