Spot the quality leather Bags Kerala using these methods

Quality Leather Briefcases Kerala and luggage are prime targets for cheap imitators that price their wares as if they were top quality, how do you avoid these pitfalls and choose a briefcase, carryall, or weekend bag that will serve you well for years to come? These five key indicators will help you spot the true best buy.


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When you’re looking for a new Quality Leather briefcase, suitcase, carryall, weekend bag, or any leather bag at all, hence here’s what to look at first.

1.Quality Leather Briefcase Hardware

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The hardware on a Quality leather briefcase or bag can tell you a lot about the overall quality of the product in a single glance. If the clasps, the hinges where the handles attach, or other metal accouterments appear flimsy that’s a red flag that warns the manufacturer may have skimped elsewhere as well.

Bags from established manufacturers that don’t rush their process will often have hardware fittings that are unique in some way they may be engraved or have a distinctive shape. By contrast, cheap bags will have clasps and buckles that look like they are picked up at the local craft shop. Good hardware will also generally feel heavier and more substantial.

Another major tell for hardware quality is the zipper if the bag has one. Probably another hardware pieces, even luxury manufacturers usually order their zippers in from one of two manufacturers. The majority of zippers used by the fashion industry. Most of these are perfectly acceptable, although they can break as they get older.


2. Best Quality Leather Briefcase

Ideally, you want a bag made of 100% full-grain leather. This is untreated high-quality leather that has a buttery feel. People love full-grain because it’s designed so that each piece develops its unique patina with age.

When choosing a bag style, take into account how the material will fit into your lifestyle. Textured leather is seen as less formal (the rougher the texture, the more casuals the bag) but it will hide scratches more easily, making it a good option for commuters.


3. Stitching Leather Briefcases(Outside)

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A fine quality leather briefcase that’s excellent quality will almost always have saddle stitching. This is a technique that can only be done by hand, by pushing two separate needles through each hole and looping a single thread over itself.

Machine-stitching is done with a single needle and two threads which are twisted together on the underside of the fabric beneath each stitch. A single-thread saddle stitch is much stronger and will never unravel — if one stitch is broken it doesn’t affect the others.

To tell whether a bag was stitched with care look at the handles first. Well-sewn handles will feel tightly wrapped around their frames and have no puckering or gathering. Looking closer, on a low-quality bag the needle holes will stretch over time under the weight of the leather. The leather should be tight around the thread on every seam.


4. Internal Construction

Decades ago, almost all men’s bags were “cases” (think brief- or suit-) with a board or wireframe that the inner lining attached too directly. In a modern leather briefcase which is likely to have a softer shape, the lining won’t always be flush with the outer leather, but it should still lay flat when the bag is held up by the handles so there are no folds. The stitching should line up with one of the edges or the bottom seam of the bag when you push the lining taut.


5. Printing (Letters And Words)

Even well-done painting or printing wears of leather over time. A piece that’s really built to last will have any logos pressed into the surface of the leather.

Leather bags elevate the necessity of carrying your things to an intentional statement. A good one can become a complement for dozens of outfits — the one accessory that’s literally always by your side. Just be sure to shop smart and keep an eye out for potential rip-offs. Every money you spend on your wardrobe is an investment in your image for years to come.

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